Most Common Signs You Need Foundation Repair

If the signs of foundation damage or trouble show, do not wait to call a professional to get a repair. The foundation of the home is one of the most important structural components. Even minor damage is serious business when it affects the foundation. If you notice any of the signs of a damaged foundation that we’ve listed below, make sure you pick up the phone and schedule service without delay.


Foundation cracks are the most commonly experienced sign of foundation trouble. You may notice cracks in the plaster of interior walls, in the basement floor or even the foundation itself. No matter how small or large or their location, you shouldn’t ignore them. Cracks are usually the result of the foundation moving after it settles, but could easily be a sign of something more dangerous.


Foundation sinking is yet another concern that indicates trouble with the foundation. Sinking is fairly simple to notice. If one side of the house is lower than the other or if you notice gaps in the structure, that’s your clue.

Doors That Stick

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Your doors should open and close easily. If you notice they get stuck, then it is time to look at the foundation to learn if there is a problem. Sticking doors and other similar issues can be caused by humidity and other problems so you do need an expert to inspect the property.

There are many signs that indicate it is time to pick up the phone and call a professional to schedule foundation repair winston-salem as soon as possible. The signs listed here are among the most common signs so pay attention to your home and do not wait to call the pros if these signs affect your property.

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