Air Purifiers Important Features

airpurifier1Air purifiers have different sizes and shapes. When you want to compare the two best home air purifier, you should know the difference in features and how they work. That way you can make a decision on which air purifying product is best for you. The features will determine the suitability and flexibility of the air purifiers for a particular operation condition,it also affects the comfort and convenience of operation. Here are the features.

1. Filter Change Indicator
A filter change indicator shows when you should change the filter. When a filter loses its air-purifying capabilities, the indicator will light up and alert you that you need to change it. If an air purifier has a filter of any kind, then it has to be frequently replaced so that the device can continue working efficiently.

2. Air Quality Sensors
Air quality sensors are features that are useful for an air purifying device to have. They continually monitor the air checking for any harmful particle, if toxins are detected, the device will automatically adjust the speed of the fan and quickly remove the contaminants. As soon as the toxins are eliminated from the air, the device will go back and start operating in a low mode. That creates an operation that is hands-free for maintaining fresh, clean air. Not all air purifiers have this option.

3. Remote Control
All air purifiers have knobs or buttons for controlling the device. Some of the products provide a remote control for controlling the device from anywhere within the room. It’s a nice and helpful feature.

4. Energy Star Label
It helps homeowners, when they want to find the products of household electronics, having operating cost that is lower. Also, it guarantees higher energy efficiency that is helpful in protecting the environment.

5. Portability
Some air purifiers are portable, and others include a handle or wheels allowing you to relocate the product to different rooms. Some air purifiers are meant to be set in one spot and left there.

6. Ultraviolet (UV) Light
airpurifierA UV light is a technology added to air purifiers to kill viruses and germs. It destroys the structure of DNA of the particles and makes them harmless to humans. The feature helps in creating an environment that is sterile and eliminate contaminants that are harmful and can cause sickness.

7. Charcoal or Carbon Filter
The filter has a large surface area used for removing odor in the room; it absorbs scents from smoke, pets, chemicals, cooking, e.t.c.

It is good to have an air purifier because of its benefits to our health, especially to people suffering from allergy and asthmatics.But generally everyone can use the device.